Hi! My name is Jon, and I am a graduate of New York University with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. I provide local and online tutoring.

During my academic career I was part of the Academic Honor Society, Dean’s List, and earned many accolades. I started tutoring during my college years, and found that I enjoyed the challenge and helping others. I was able to hone my teaching skills during college, and helped many students to excel in their classes.

I currently tutor full-time, and also help out with my family’s business. I am an experienced tutor in all areas of math, and have helped countless students to reach their potential. I can help out with math when it comes to standardized testing, AP Courses, SAT II math tests, IEP students, college courses and so forth.

In addition, I offer SAT & ACT tutoring. My expertise lies in the math section, but I am competent in all areas of the test.

In fact, when I took the SAT/ACT as a student I had a lot of trouble with the grammar and reading sections, but was able to correct them thru self-study during high school. I can relate to any student who might find these sections hard, and offer unique strategies to master these sections. I can offer support for the college process. Feel free to contact me and ask any question you may have.

I specialize in tutoring from the elementary level to college level calculus. I currently teach students in Manhattan and Bergen County: Mahwah, Waldwick, Paramus, Ridgewood.

Recently, I helped one student in Honors Precalculus from being a C student to an A student. My strategies are reliant on not only understanding the material fully, but being able to explain it clearly. In addition, I have ample experience in helping students study for the ACT and SAT. Some of my students were able to score up to an 800 on the SAT math section and a 34 on the ACT for total score. One recent student was able to improve his PSAT score from a 1120 to a 1400 on the SAT.

I am comfortable in all areas of math and the complete SAT and ACT, and can help any student reach their true potential.


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We love Jon! Clear, professional, reliable, excellent communicator! He is a wonderful tutor and we’re so grateful to have found him.

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Jon has been a great help with teaching me some math concepts that I needed for work that I have forgotten. I was never great at math, and he provided a judgement free zone. He is thoughtful, and always goes out of his way to help out. I highly recommend him!

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I have a strong ability to introduce newcomers to the complexities of Algebra. Although Algebra adds many new ideas that can be confusing, they can be broken down to their bare essentials and easily understood. I help students, young and old, to develop a deep and broad understanding of the core concepts of Algebra, such as factoring, quadratic equations, and more.


Geometry takes simple shapes and builds on them to create theorems and rules. I have the ability to break down the tough equations, and provide a strong conceptual understanding. Sometimes students are intimated by geometry, but with the right instruction they can begin to enjoy the subject.


Precalculus is a turning point for many students, and a higher level of mathematical sophistication is needed. I have experience in explaining these new concepts in simple terms. All of my students with the right instruction were successful in tackling precaluclus, and were ready and confident to take calculus.

Sat/Act Math

The SAT/ACT Math section is intimidating, and may appear difficult, but it is learnable. All of the topics on the math sections should be familiar to any high school student, but the questions can be tricky. I try to teach students the core math that is required behind the test, and then use tips and tricks to help with the difficult problems. This approach is built on taking past tests to better understand the structure, and I provide guidance to carefully direct and teach any trouble problems.

Math Terms: Fundamental theorem of Algebra – limits – exponents – polynomials – linear equations – quadratic – trigonometry – tangent – calculus – derivative – integration – minimum – maximum – statistics – complex roots and numbers – chain rule – polar coordinates – inequalities