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Hi! My name is Jon.

I am a LSAT tutor, with years of experience and excellent results, that serves the NYC Tri-state area and around the world through online. I have helped students from Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ and online.

With a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from NYU, I developed a strong knack for logic and problem solving.

In fact, I always loved riddles and brainteasers and enjoyed studying for the LSAT. Even with a top score, I eventually decided not to go to law school and instead enjoy helping others by providing LSAT tutoring.

I have helped students gain admissions to great schools, such as Harvard Law School, University of Virginia Law School, Fordham Law, and more. I would love to help you too. You can also checkout our new site at NYC LSAT Tutor.



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Our first lesson comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which means you don’t have to pay if you feel as though in any way you were not helped. For a fast response, text us at 201-970-9044

Looking forwards to helping out!

Frequently Asked Questions

A LSAT tutor can be helpful, but it is not a requirement. Many students have done well by taking a class or studying on their own. Every student is different. With that said, the LSAT is one of the most important aspects of your law application and a tutor is definitely the best way to maximize your score.

We can help any type of student with the LSAT. There are many ways to properly utilize the services offered by a LSAT tutor. For newcomers, we can offer a comprehensive overview of the entire test with detailed study plans and strategies. On the other hand, we also offer case specific help for those you already have some experience with the test. We also offer help for those with learning disabilities.

Lastly, you can always contact us for a FREE consultation to see if we are right fit for your needs and offer any help in any way we can.

My approach is custom tailored for each student. We use a diagnostic test and the consultation call to understand your needs and adjust the lessons accordingly. We use the official prep tests as our main resource. All the different question types and strategies with be covered. It is our contention that you need a deep understanding of the material to do well on the LSAT. Therefore, we do not teach cheap tricks to gain a few points here and there. Instead, we cover the test from its core logic and make you a better critical thinker, which helps farther than just the LSAT.

We will always use the official prep tests, which are necessity, but any additional books depends on the student. If we feel a specific book will be helpful, then we will recommend it. In addition, if you are already using a book and you like their approach, we can utiltize it in our sessions. Also, you can checkout our post on the best LSAT books.

We are conveniently located at:

31 West 34th Street, 8th Floor #8099 New York, NY 10001
We also offer tutoring in Northern New Jersey, and online through Skype.