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– Info –

Hi! My name is Jon. Sorry for the basic website!  I figured my time was better spent helping others than making a nice web page.

I serve the NYC Tri-state area. I have helped students from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and NJ.

With a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from NYU, I developed a strong knack for logic and problem solving.

In fact, I always loved riddles and brainteasers, and initially studied the LSAT for fun. I eventually decided not to go to law school, and instead enjoy helping others by providing LSAT tutoring.

I started tutoring the LSAT for FREE, since I take great pride in my work and wanted to hone my teaching ability. Recently, I helped one student from a 160 to a 173. There are many teachers who are quite intelligent but cannot explain the material well. I made sure to understand all aspects of the test and be able to teach students from any starting point.


– Testimonial –

Jon is the best tutor I ever had. He knows his stuff and his approach to the LSAT is straightforward and comprehensive. My score improved substantially, and I was able to get accepted to a T14 school with scholarships!


LSAT Strategies

I can help with any issue you might have:

Can’t finish logic games in time?

How do I model those weird games?

Are there any secret techniques?

What are the best books?

Improved, but now stuck in the mud?

I need help with everything!

What I offer:

Customized lessons plans and homework

Years of experience

Constant access – You can contact me through email, text, or phone whenever you like.

Catered lessons to your specific needs

History of helping students improve by 10, 20, 30+ points

The LSAT is beatable, and I can definitely help you succeed!



My rate is $125 an hour. Also, the first lesson comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which means you don’t have to pay if you feel as though in any way you were not helped.

There are no long term contracts, and you can pay after each lesson and can stop at anytime.

This is a chance to receive great instruction. And it is much better than the multitude of generic LSAT classes, since you will receive individualized attention.