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Best LSAT Prep Books – Updated 2019

10 Actual, Official LSAT PREPTESTS

First, the most important resources are the official LSAT tests. They are the utmost importance and should be the cornerstone of your studying. These prep tests were officially administered in previous cycles, and are as close as you can get to the real thing.

There are almost 100 prep tests to choose from, dating from the 1990s to now, but the recent ones are closer to the test you will take. The exam has slightly changed over the years, but this does not mean the older ones are not useful. All the exams test the same logical concepts. The style has changed, but the foundation is the same.

In fact, you can most certainly be well-prepared by just studying the older tests.

So, what is the best way to utilize the prep tests?

You need to take full-length tests that are timed and mimic the actual test conditions. You need to take the LSAT to get good at the LSAT.

Taking a full-length test is quite the endeavor, and it fine to do one section at a time in addition to taking full-length exams.

It is best to save the newest exams for a full-length take and use the older ones for section reviews. Any test before PT70 would be great for doing section reviews. The far older ones are also perfectly fine. As of matter of fact, there has been a recent influx of difficult games on the newer LSATs that are similar to games on the older tests.

However you may study with these prep tests, the fact remains that they are the foundation of your LSAT journey.


The LSAT Trainer

One of the most popular LSAT prep books is The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim. Mike Kim is highly experienced: he was the director of Curriculum for the LSAT at Manhattan Prep, and he eventually left to write the LSAT Trainer. The book shortly became a bestseller in the LSAT world, and it easy to see why.

It currently is the best selling LSAT prep book on Amazon, and it has great reviews.

The LSAT Trainer covers the test in one fell swoop. All sections are covered. The book is not as detailed as those that cover only one section, but The LSAT Trainer is 600 pages and gives you plenty of info to do well.

So, why do students like the book so much?

Everything is clear and concise. Even if you know nothing about logic or the LSAT, then you should be good to go. Mike will guide you on the techniques, the underlying logic, and how to think like a LSAT pro.

Second, Mike writes in a friendly & approachable style. For some, the LSAT and all the logic rules can be dry. Yet, Mr. Kim makes it engaging. Each piece of information is explained thoroughly, and there are plenty of practice problems to master each concept.

Mr. Kim provides the tools to do well and also how to study. Many students take practice tests left and right with out properly reviewing them. That is a big No-No! Mr Kim provides a solution, though. He guides you on how to set a study schedule and how to properly learn from your mistakes, which is a skill that helps far beyond the LSAT.

There are countless more things to say, but I will let you do some research of your own.

If you would like to learn more about The LSAT Trainer, then checkout the website:

There are sample chapters, study guides, detailed blog posts, and more to help you on your LSAT journey.

One last thing, you can checkout some of Mike Kim’s YouTube videos, which are great.

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning, a relatively newcomer in LSAT prep, is a fantastic resource to master logical reasoning.

After all, logical reasoning is the bread and butter of the LSAT. Although many students lament about the games, they are only hard due to their unfamiliarity, and they become far easier with practice. Also, they only account for 25% of the test. On the hand, logical reasoning is half the exam and will define your score.

That means you need to get good with reasoning. Why stop there? You should become a master of logic and conquer those pesky problems!

One of the best aspects of The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning is the writing style. Ellen, the author, provides amusing anecdotes and an encouraging attitude. You need to stay positive to do well.

It is light-heated with funny examples to keep you calm.

Next, there are countless techniques covered by Ellen. Most of these techniques are not radically new, but Ellen puts a slight spin on things.

The fundamental message is to properly read and understand the stimulus.

Obviously, logic is a core competent of the LSAT, but reading comprehension is right there too.

Ellen provides all the tools you need to dissect the stimulus. The answers are all right there if you look hard enough before you even look at he answer choices. That seems kinda counterintuitive, right?

Why should you come up with the answer when the LSAT gives you five solutions right there to choose from. Well, only one of these answers is correct. The other four are there to mislead you, and the makers of the LSAT know all the tricks to confuse you. You cannot go into those answer choices completely blind! You need to know what you are looking for. Eventually you will develop a sixth sense with the help of Ellen.

Soon you will be reading a new stimulus, interpreting it, and zoning in on that correct answer in no time at all.

Questions that were tough will become easy.

If you are having trouble with logical reasoning, then this definitely a great place to start.

You can order the book here.

And learn more here:




There are many books to recommend, but the PowerScore series are the gold standard for LSAT prep.

These books are filled with the brim with knowledge. The series is divided between the three sections: logical reasoning, logic games, and reading comprehension. All together there are over 1900 pages. It is a behemoth. Everything is discussed with exacting detail. Each type of game is covered with specific strategies. All the different logical reasoning problems are explained. Finally, reading comprehension is chock full of helpful techniques and strategies.

Since the series is so expansive, there are couple different ways one can use the PowerScore series. It would be quite hard to read all 1900 pages and retain all the information. Instead, you can start with a more concise book, such as the LSAT Trainer, and use the PowerScore as an addendum. You don’t need to get all three books. You can just get one. Perhaps you are having a lot of trouble with the logic games. The PowerScore Logic Games Bible is one of the best for games, and you can just get that one.

Another approach is to use the PowerScore as a total package. They cover everything, and you can just use them. Even if you know nothing about the LSAT, they are great place to start. The basics are explored, but there is a finer level of granularity as you progress. It starts broad, refines that knowledge down to core components, and finally goes into the nitty gritty details. You can jump around depending on your needs or read it from start to finish. It is great that PowerScore covers the LSAT in every which way one can imagine!

Lastly, if you need any tutoring, then we offer LSAT tutoring in the NYC area and around the world through Skype.


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