Is a LSAT Tutor Worth It?

Do you need a LSAT Tutor?


The LSAT is an important part of law school admissions. In some ways it can be the most important. Obviously, you want to do everything in your power to do well on the test. In fact, this test can define your career and future. Therefore, it appears that hiring a LSAT tutor is a wise choice.

Is it true? Yes, but you do not need a tutor to do well. A good tutor is always beneficial, but you can have great success with self-study or with a class. We will discuss some of the benefits of tutoring to give you a better idea on what to do.

Personalized Attention:

The LSAT is a hard test. It can be difficult to know how to approach it. This is where a tutor can come in and help set up a game plan. The tutor and student relationship is one-to-one. The tutor’s complete attention is dedicated to your needs, and this provides a personalized approach. Every student is different and has different needs. Maybe one student needs a thorough guidance on logic, while another might need help with just the logic games. An experienced LSAT tutor can cover these topics quickly and effectively.

This allows you, the student,  to hit the ground running. You will make quick progress and not waste time on useless strategies or where to start. A class can be beneficial, but a tutor is simply the best option to get a great score.

Cost of LSAT Tutoring:

There is a problem though for some: price. Price is an issue for many students who might want to go with tutoring. A good LSAT tutor, one who scored highly on the test and knows how to teach it is a rare combination. Thus, the price can be quite high and prohibitive. To combat the costs one can do lessons less frequently. A good amount is 2 hours a week, but they can be reduced to an hour or hour and half. Alternatively, a student can have a lesson every two weeks. Another approach is for the student to take a class or study on their own, and then have a tutor to cover those pesky problems that might not be clicking. This is called fine-tuning, which is an excellent idea.

Moral Support:

It is is important to know that we are not robots. Some days we might feel great and other days we might feel like a failure. The LSAT is a marathon with ups and downs. Not every day is going to be great. This can be psychologically difficult. You might doubt yourself. Am I really cut out to be a lawyer? What is the point of trying if I suck at the LSAT? These questions might  pop up, but you should stay positive!  A good tutor will not only help with techniques for the LSAT, but also with your confidence. They will be a shoulder to lean on when things get hard. This is just one more thing that a tutor can help out with.

We hoped this information was helpful! If you have any more questions, then just comment below.

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