Reach Your Greatest Potential Scholarship

 Jon Paul Tutoring was founded on a passion for learning and teaching. I continue to do this as I see the need for student guidance in learning Math. But more than this, I know the students’ needs for other aspects, such as financial requirements in order for them to achieve academic and professional success.

    So every year, I invite all high school and college/university students to apply for the Jon Paul Tutoring’s annual Reach Your Greatest Potential Scholarship. It is a scholarship that helps out an outstanding student who is able to compose an excellent piece for a chosen topic each year. The winner will be given a $1000 scholarship.

  Since memory is a big part of learning, the topic for 2017/2018 essay is: “Human Memory: How to Retain Information Effectively”. Each student should write a 1000-word piece about the process of storing information in the human memory and how the process can be improved. I want a well-informed and data supported piece, balanced with some innovative ideas and personal experience.

                Send an application to along with your proof of enrolment and basic information details. Remember to include the contact info of the financial aid/scholarship desk of your school/educational institution, as I will coordinate with them in case you win the scholarship. Likewise, the scholarship fund of $1000 will be awarded through them and should be personally claimed by the winner.

  The deadline for applications is on July 1, 2018. Announcement and coordination will follow shortly. The winning essay will be published on our website, as automatic permission for online publishing is granted upon submission of application.

We will not be accepting any fees, incomplete requirements and applications from previous winners of the same scholarship.  All information will remain private.

I am hoping to receive your applications. Join and start reaching your greatest potential today!